This year we started offering mini boudoir sessions.

These sessions are usually quick, inexpensive and theme based. The first event will be bodyscapes.

Although we usually recommend professional hair and make up for most of our boudoir sessions, you can probably skip on that for the bodyscapes sessions since they are more or less teaser shots focused on certain parts of the body and less on the face.

Session details
Session lasts up to 30 minutes.
Sessions take place from Oct 23nd and Oct 24th.
After your session, you get to look at the photos and pick your 3 favorite images.
Your 3 chosen images will be edited and emailed to you within one week.

What types of photos are bodyscapes?

Bodyscape images are images that use a person’s curves to create an images. Images can be in black and white or colour and generally focus only on one part of the part of the body at a time. Images can be obvious or more abstract.

What do I wear for bodyscape photos?

You can choose to wear lingerie or you can be nude. It’s all up to you and your comfort level. As for the photo itself, you can be nude but use shadows to strategically hide certain parts and reveal other parts.

Am I limited to just 3 web files?
You can choose to upgrade your 3 files from web to printable files for an additional $99.
You can add additional webfiles for $25 each or additional printable files for $50 each

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