First blog post..

Now who doesn't love having an aunt take photos of you? You'd be surprised how many times my little 10 year old niece says to me, " Ahh, come on Laura! Not again" but after she sees her photos she hugs me and tells me how much she loves her pictures and rushes me to get them printed for her. I laugh so hard every time.

Being a photographer, I am so fortunate to meet and photograph many clients and their families from weddings, to newborn and precious family memories. This past week I was able to experience a similar reaction which many of my clients express to me after viewing their child's photos after a session with me. Aftering scrolling through my camera and viewing the images from both, shoots with my nieces I was in awe at how much I loved what we captured on camera. I am so excited to have them printed!!

My little niece is staying with me for the summer so I'm sure you will be seeing a lot more of her on the blog. As for my 15 year old niece, she was visiting for the week, so we also decided to plan a session with her. She is so naturally beautiful in front of the camera. Both sessions took place on a different date for those of you who have had photo shoots know that when planning a shoot and prepping your outfits takes a little time. For my little niece Krystania we spent a good two hours searching the stores to find an outfit for her. I won't lie, it was not an easy task! LOL! We also came across that pretty white lace umbrella which just added a simple, elegant touch to her photos.

With my 15 year old niece Tristin, we went shopping as well and found a gorgeous outfit suiting her style. From curling hair, to a touch of lip gloss, off we went to photograph these images you see below. I love my nieces and am so happy I have more photos to add to my family collection!