Sink Bath Session

Portraits that tell a story are my absolute favourite. I just love the realness and fun these images portray. I love that these images just show how little she is ( that she can still have a bath in her kitchen sink) and have so much fun at the same time and in her own home.

Gianna was having a wonderful time splashing and throwing the lemons out of the skink, so much so that all the camera clicking didn't distract her at all. Here are just a few images from the session...

IMG_2212 edit 3 web.jpg
AAAA0105 edit web.jpg
AAAA0051 edit web.jpg
IMG_2384 edit web.jpg
IMG_2409 edit web.jpg
IMG_2287 edit web.jpg
AAAA0201 edit web.jpg
AAAA0219 edit web2.jpg
IMG_2306 edit web.jpg
AAAA0168 edit web.jpg
AAAA0229 edit web.jpg
IMG_2147 edit.jpg